Gudrun von Laxenburg


Techno Punk

Ideas and creativity that mirror their music and their live on-stage explo-siveness: Gudrun von Laxenburg is even larger than the three men you see on stage. Their friends who were there at the front of their very first show remain part of the GVL phenomenon, passionately contributing artistically to their videos, photos, costumes, lighting, promotion and marketing, giving the guys even more time and freedom to perfect the ultimate Gudrun von Laxenburg live experience.

Truthfully, if Gudrun von Laxenburg could, they would play every night; such is their tight comradeship and love for entertaining the crowds. With no rigid backing track they play at the tempo the crowd want them to; if you’re hyped, they go in hard. If you’re after suspense and drama, they’ll build up slowly. In an age when the mere mention of the word ‘live’ is approached with cynicism, weariness or plain confusion, Gudrun von Laxenburg are 100 percent legit… And now, signed to BMG, they’re finally able to take their show and their sound to the levels they’ve always wanted.

From live grassroots to big deals based on their reputation for being great showmen, Gudrun von Laxenburg’s story is a classic tale of almost Cinderella proportions soundtracked by blistering electronic fusion… Word of mouth, unhurried hype, natural development: proof that the cream does rise to the top even in today’s convoluted, social media saturated in-dustry. Gudrun von Laxenburg are the real deal in every way imaginable.See you on the dancefloor …