The Tips


Rock Punk Soul

Reggae music from Dusseldorf, Germany? Not the sound that most people would associate with that city. People familiar with today’s youth culture might default to images of Germany’s underground punk movement. THE TiPS, however, began their musical journey within that scene and immediately introduced elements of cozy reggae along with smooth soul into their hard driving punk songs. A process which created their unique sound and style. Punks of all sub genres, however, continue to follow their fellow travelers even while the band’s style has been quickly attracting a larger and more diverse fan base. THE TiPS latest album, to be released on Long Beach Records Europe on February 19, 2016, stays true to their musical vision while taking a step further. TWISTS’N’TURNS honors THE TiPS reputation as Germany’s seminal punk/reggae/rock band all-the-while branching out for the first time to international markets.

THE TiPS are deeply rooted in the local skateboard scene. Faf and Jay continue to push their own abilities while also helping to organize local contests. Recently they were honored to have Helge Tscharn, a legendary skateboard photographer, long time member of the Monster Skateboard Magazine editorial board, and currently residing in Brazil shoot their promo photos and contribute to their press packet. Stefan A Beham who has worked with such artists as Zebrahead, Lagwagon, Authority Zero and Wilhelm Scream designed the release’s artwork as well as a signature THE TiPS skateboard. The deck is sponsored by Pavel Skates and Reell Jeans and will be available in skate-shops along with a download hangtag of the album. THE TiPS are honored to be supported by Concrete Wave Cologne as well.